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November 12, 2009


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In the "can't make this stuff up" department: leading Libertarian activist dies in motorcycle accident. http://beforeitsnews.com/story/118/838/Tennessee_Libertarian_Fred_Childress_dies_in_motorcycle_accident.html


I love Sensible Person, Actuary, Traffic Engineer and Liberal Politician. I wish governments would be more like them. At most offer advice bot not interfere.

Tevor Zenv.

>>The moral of the story is that we should
>>cut down all the trees and be sure we
>>clean the gravel off our roads.

And make sure we do not use public funds to do it.

Snarky McSnarkerton

The moral of the story is that we should cut down all the trees and be sure we clean the gravel off our roads.

Keith Casey

For the record, I've had an HSA for 4+ years and have paid 100% of my own medical expenses since I started working professionally.

Unfortunately, by law, I'm only allowed to contribute to an HSA if I carry my high deductible plan (which *does* cover preventative stuff). Since the high deductible plan doesn't match the current requirements/proposals/etc, I will not be allowed to continue contributing to my HSA. And as a small business owner, I will not have another option, I'll have to get the government plan.

Therefore, Health Care Reform *is* preventing some of us from keeping the plans we have and are happy with.

Furthermore, since the government claims to know my health insurance priorities better than I do, I will let them pay for it. It's not a product I have or would have selected, why should I be forced to pay for it?

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