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I thought Mitt already released two years of tax returns and information. That is enough and even Obama hasn't released anything for the last four years. Nobody but a few crazy people cares so get over it.


Jettboy: Obama has produced every tax return since 2000, including those filed during his presidency. http://www.barackobama.com/tax-returns/

Bob Sharak

"Paying more than the minimum to charitable causes unquestionably qualifies as a Good Thing."

I'm not sure I agree that tithing to the LDS church, or any church for that matter, constitutes as charity - let alone a "good thing." Legally, yes it's charity - but really? Contributions pay for to infrastructure, personnel, evangelism (recruitment) and investments in addition to any pure-play charity. How is it any different than dues to a club that also does some charity work? Do my YMCA dues count in the same way?

I for one would rather Mr. Romney pay more in taxes and let democratically elected leaders determine how best to spend it than sending it to Salt Lake for LDS elders to decide.

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